How to Solve The “Operation Failed” And Other Common Tezbox Errors?

About Tezbox

Tezbox is a wallet interface for the Tezos cryptocurrency. It’s available as a desktop, mobile, and online wallet. This software solution is a lightweight client and is considered a hot wallet due to its permanent connection to the internet.

Tezbox was the first easy-to-use Tezos wallet released during the ICO stage in 2018. It gives the users absolute control of their private keys that are saved locally on their devices. They can’t be found in centralised servers as is the case with many online wallets.

The Tezbox online client for the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers is available here:

It’s a fully open-sourced and decentralised wallet interface that allows sending, receiving, and delegating Tezos coins. The web version is currently the most up-to-date client, and we recommend using it instead of the desktop and mobile versions.

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But ever since the Tezos Babylon governance mechanism upgrade in 2019, users have started experiencing various bugs and problems with their Tezbox wallets. This tutorial will discuss the most common bugs and offer solutions on how to fix them.

Common Problems with The Tezbox Wallet

For the Tezbox wallet to be operational, it needs to be connected to an online node. If the node goes offline for any reason, you won’t be able to use your Tezbox wallet. If your wallet is not responding to your commands, you need to connect it to a different node.

step1: go to

click on your Tezbox profile (the round logo in the right corner) and on Settings. Change the node address in the RPC Address field to one of the two we suggest below, click on the Back button, and refresh your wallet:

You might see an “Operation failed — balance too low” error message when trying to send funds from a Tezbox wallet. If that is the case, please follow the guidelines below.

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This error message can appear when users attempt to send from old kt Tezos addresses. When you log in to your account, you will notice an error notification on the top. Ignore it and log out of your account by clicking on your user profile and on Lock Wallet.

step1: go to

On the Unlock Wallet screen where you usually enter the password to access your account, click on the Clear Tezbox button. That will allow you to restore your wallet. Restore your Tezbox wallet from seed or private keys, and log back in.

Ensure that both your kt1 and Tz1 accounts have some funds in them. Keep 1 Tez coin in each just to be safe. When you send money from an address, don’t empty it completely. We suggest keeping 1 XTZ in it; otherwise, the account will fail to connect/stay connected to the network.

Try to send your transaction again ensuring that at least 1 XTZ remains on the address and click on Update fees before confirming your transaction. Don’t change the fees manually!

When sending Tezos from a Tezbox wallet to a cryptocurrency exchange, a “Send operation failed” error message can be displayed. Check that the address you entered on the send tab is correct. Tezos addresses are case-sensitive. That means that a lowercase letter has to be lowercase, and an uppercase letter has to stay uppercase.

step1: go to

Check the address, character by character, to ensure that the correct letter formats have been copied. Make changes if needed. Take into consideration our previous advice to keep some funds on your address and not empty it completely.

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If there is an “Incorrect Password” error when you try to log in to your wallet, this can be solved by clearing your Tezbox. On the Unlock wallet screen, click on the Clear Tezbox button. In the next step, you’ll be required to restore your wallet from seed or private key.

step1: go to

This will update the system, and you’ll have access to your Tezbox wallet again.

Suppose you made a transaction with Tezbox recently and noticed that the funds are no longer visible in your wallet. In that case, your account is probably out-of-sync with the network. The first thing you should do is check your transaction status and the balance on a block explorer such as If the balance is correctly displayed there, you just need to sync your wallet.

step1: go to

When the nodes are congested, it can sometimes take up to an hour to re-sync your wallet. Stay calm and keep refreshing and logging in/out of your wallet until it re-syncs. If you don’t manage to solve the problem by refreshing, restore your wallet from seed or private key as a last resort.




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